Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
Volunteer legal assistance for the Oregon arts community


About OVLA

As an artist or entertainer, it helps to have a powerful advocate that can help you solve your legal issues. OVLA has your back.

About OVLA

In 1988, a small group of lawyers and artists formed a non-profit called Northwest Lawyers and Artists (NWLA), and set out to learn all we could to support local artists and help them nurture their creative endeavors and business pursuits.

Over the years, NWLA has delivered countless hours of free legal services to artists and arts organizations within our community. From NWLA, we have grown to become Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, OVLA, offering a variety of workshops and conferences. We teach, we listen, we support.

Our rewards are many. When a band plays, when a book is published, when a gallery is opened, we feel a sense of pride in having helped, in some small way, our friends in the arts community.


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