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You + Me = Us: A Talk About Collaboration

Please join us on April 18, from 4-5pm, for a Design Week Portland panel discussion about artistic collaboration and the associated legal considerations. This panel will be moderated by Bryan Wasetis, interdisciplinary attorney at Aspect Law Group and board member of Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.  

Panelist: Laura E. Hall

Laura is a writer and game designer, and designs "escape the room" puzzle games (such as "60 Minutes to Escape in Portland"), and freelances for clients around the world. Laura has created rooms for the Portland Art Museum and the Alamo Drafthouse, wrote Katamari Damacy for Boss Fight Books, and is a proud board member of the non-profit Portland Indie Game Squad.

Panelist: Katie Lane

Katie is an attorney who is passionate about helping other people learn how to negotiate. Katie works with comic book creators, authors, game designers, musicians and freelancers of every stripe to help them protect their rights and get paid fairly for the work they do.

Tickets and more information, available here.