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Client Spotlight: Rachel Miller-Howard

Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts provides pro bono legal consultation to countless Oregon creatives. We recently sat down with Rachel Miller-Howard, a writer and publisher of Doxx Magazine, a digital outpost dedicated to women documentarians to share her experience with OVLA legal services.

"I reached out to the OVLA after expressing legal concerns to a friend about a new project I was in the nascent stages of starting. I just wasn't sure if I could get into trouble for reposting other people's videos, and how I should go about crediting photographs. I wanted to make sure I wasn't committing any accidental infractions. The OVLA was very gracious and easy to communicate with. I was surprised at how quickly I found myself opposite a lawyer, who seemed genuinely enthusiastic about helping me. It was overall a great experience, and I'm very thankful such a service exists for Oregon creatives!

I had a really useful session with the OVLA, and have recommended the services to other arts-oriented friends/acquaintances who are working on projects.”

To learn more about OVLA’s pro bon services, or to sign up for an upcoming legal clinic, please visit: https://www.oregonvla.org/clinic.

Art by Doxx Magazine contributor, Molly Mendoza.

Jedidiah Chavez